Activities for 16 to 17 year olds

1. Volunteering:

Local Charity: 17 year olds can volunteer their time and energy to help out a local charity. This could include helping out at a food bank, helping to organize events, or helping to raise awareness for a cause.

a. Tutor students at a local library or after-school program

b. Plant trees or help with a community garden

c. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

d. Help out at a food pantry or soup kitchen

e. Participate in a beach or river clean-up

f. Assist with a fundraising event

g. Join a mentoring program

h. Help out at a homeless shelter

i. Participate in a community service project

j. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

k. Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home

l. Join a youth volunteer organization

m. Assist with a literacy program

n. Help out at a senior center

o. Become a tutor for a local organization

p. Participate in a neighborhood watch program

q. Volunteer at a local school

2. Travel:

Road Trip: 17 year olds can plan and take a road trip with friends or family. This could include visiting different cities, exploring new places, and having fun along the way.

a. Take a road trip with friends.

b. Visit a nearby city or town you’ve never been to.

c. Go camping in a national park.

d. Take a volunteer trip to a developing country.

e. Go on a cruise.

f. Take a train journey across the country.

g. Go on a backpacking adventure.

h. Visit a music festival.

i. Go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

j. Visit a theme park or amusement park.

k. Take a surfing lesson.

l. Go on a wine-tasting tour.

m. Take a cooking class in a foreign country.

n. Go on a safari.

o. Visit a national monument or landmark.

p. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

q. Take a photography class.

3. Sports: Team:

17 year olds can join a sports team and learn the skills and strategies of the game. This could include joining a soccer, basketball, or football team and competing against other teams.

a. Join a local sports team

b. Take up a new sport

4. Education:

Language, College Course, Photography, Computer Programming, Instrument, Dance, Yoga/Meditation: 17 year olds can learn a new language, take a college course, learn photography, computer programming, learn to play an instrument, take a dance class, or practice yoga and meditation.

a. Take an online course in a subject of interest 

b. Participate in a summer program or internship 

c. Join a local club or organization related to a field of interest

d. Volunteer in the community 

e. Attend a college fair 

f. Take a college-level class at a local college or university 

g. Participate in a job shadowing program 

h. Take a career aptitude test 

i. Participate in a career exploration program 

j. Research college and university programs 

k. Create a portfolio of work and accomplishments 

l. Take a college entrance exam 

m. Attend a college or career counseling session 

n. Research scholarship opportunities 

o. Participate in a college tour 

p. Take a college admissions test prep course

5. Business:

Start a Business: 17 year olds can start their own business and learn the skills needed to run a successful business. This could include researching the market, creating a business plan, and finding the right resources to get started.

a. Pet Sitting Service

b. Tutoring

c. Social Media Management

d. Car Detailing

e. Personal Shopping

f. Resume Writing

g. Event Planning

h. Craft Making and Selling

i. Photography

j. Mobile App Development

k. Personal Training

l. Gardening and Landscaping

m. Virtual Assistant

n. Web Design

o. Online Tutoring

p. Personal Chef

q. Catering

r. Home Cleaning Service

s. Blogging

t. House Sitting

u. Home Staging

v. Interior Design

w. Jewelry Making

x. Personal Styling

y. Pet Grooming

z. Computer Repair

6. Cooking:

Cooking Class: 17 year olds can take a cooking class and learn how to prepare different types of food. This could include learning how to cook different cuisines, learning how to use different cooking techniques, and learning how to create delicious dishes.

a. Try making a simple stir-fry with vegetables and your favorite protein.

b. Bake some homemade cookies or brownies.

c. Make a healthy smoothie with yogurt, fruit, and a few other ingredients.

d. Try making a quiche with vegetables and cheese.

e. Make a delicious soup with vegetables and your favorite herbs and spices.

f. Whip up a batch of guacamole and serve it with tortilla chips.

g. Create a unique pizza with your favorite toppings.

h. Bake a cake from scratch.

i. Make a healthy salad with a variety of greens, vegetables, and a tasty dressing.

j. Try making a stir-fry with noodles and your favorite vegetables.

k. Create a delicious stir-fry with tofu and vegetables.

l. Bake some muffins with your favorite fruits and nuts.

m. Make a savory omelet with vegetables and cheese.

n. Try your hand at making sushi rolls.

o. Make a delicious quesadilla with your favorite fillings.

p. Create a flavorful pasta dish with your favorite vegetables and herbs.

q. Try making a simple vegetable curry.

7. Employment:

Part-Time Job: 17 year olds can find a part-time job and learn how to manage their time and money. This could include working in retail, food service, or customer service and learning how to work with customers and colleagues.

a. Babysitting 

b. Tutoring 

c. Lawn mowing 

d. Dog walking 

e. Grocery shopping 

f. Housecleaning 

g. Car detailing 

h. Freelance writing 

i. Social media management 

j. Virtual assistant 

k. Delivery driver 

l. Restaurant server 

m. Retail associate 

n. Lifeguard 

o. Camp counselor 

p. Freelance photographer 

q. Event staff 

r. Personal shopper 

s. Personal trainer 

t. Freelance graphic designer

8. Social:

Book Club:17 year olds can join a book club and discuss different books with other members. This could include reading different genres of books, discussing the themes of the books, and learning more about different cultures and perspectives.

a. Host a virtual game night with friends

b. Start a blog

c. Take an online class in a subject of interest

d. Volunteer virtually with a local organization

e. Join an online book club

f. Create a YouTube channel

g. Learn a new language

h. Take part in virtual scavenger hunts

i. Participate in virtual trivia nights

j. Take part in virtual art classes

k. Create a virtual cooking club

l. Organize a virtual movie night with friends

m. Start a virtual fitness challenge with friends

n. Learn a new skill, such as coding or photography

9. Writing: Blog:

17 year olds can start a blog and write about different topics. This could include writing about their interests, sharing their experiences, and connecting with other bloggers.

a. Write a short story

b. Create a blog

c. Compose a song or poem

d. Write a play

e. Write a book review

f. Write a letter to a politician

g. Research and write an article

h. Create a comic book

i. Create a screenplay

j. Write a personal essay

k. Write a letter to the editor

l. Write a travel journal

m. Write a speech

n. Create a magazine

o. Write a letter to yourself

p. Write a review of a movie or TV show

q. Write a letter to a celebrity

r. Write a letter to an author

s. Create a newsletter

t. Write a short story about a historical event

u. Write a script for a YouTube video

v. Write a review of a restaurant

w. Write a review of a local business

x. Write a review of a product

y. Write a review of a website

z. Write a review of a video game

0. Self-Defense:

Self-Defense Class: 17 year olds can take a self-defense class and learn how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. This could include learning how to defend against attackers, learning how to use different weapons, and learning how to stay safe in different environments.

a. Taking a self-defense class

b. Practicing martial arts

c. Learning how to use pepper spray

d. Learning how to use a taser

e. Joining a boxing gym

f. Taking a self-defense seminar

g. Practicing Krav Maga

h. Learning how to use a baton

i. Taking a self-defense workshop

1. Outdoor Activity:

Hiking Adventure: 17 year olds can go on a hiking adventure and explore different trails. This could include learning about the local wildlife, discovering new places, and enjoying the outdoors.

a. Geocaching 

b. Hiking 

c. Rock Climbing

d. Camping 

e. Kayaking 

f. Mountain Biking 

g. Paintball 

h. Zip-lining 

i. Canoeing 

j. Archery

k. Surfing 

l. Horseback Riding 

m. Orienteering 

n. Caving 

o. Stand Up Paddleboarding 

p. Snowshoeing 

q. Skiing 

r. Snowboarding 

s. Bird Watching 

t. Fishin

u. Skateboarding 

v. Sailing 

w. Kiteboarding 

x. Skimboarding 

y. Windsurfing 

z. Wakeboarding 

aa. Paragliding

bb. Hot Air Ballooning